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Fondly dubbed the ‘musical hoteliers’ of Thailand, the Sukosol family are a multi-lingual, multi-tasking, multi-skilled, multi-talented business dynasty.

Since our illustrious leader, Kamala, started it all 30 years ago, we have developed and managed a collection of establishments, from homey abodes to private palaces.


What inspires us most is the perfect balance of individuality, gracious service, cultural charm and a sense of serendipity. And we believe you will find that right here with us at our fabulous city property in downtown Bangkok, Thailand.

Our family has been single-handedly running The Sukosol (along with Sukosol Hotels and Sukosol Group) since the very beginning back in 1990, right through until today.

Roles & Responsibilities

We occupy various roles within the Sukosol Group, as follows: Kamala Sukosol, President; Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, Executive Vice President; Daranee Sukosol Clapp, Vice President of Finance; Kamol ‘Sukie’ Sukosol Clapp, Director of Projects and Krissada ‘Noi’ Sukosol Clapp, Creative Director.


Traditional Thai Massage Class

60 minutes is all it takes to learn the secrets of the trade... It’s easy and fun to study simple Thai massage techniques with our experienced teachers.

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