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I Serve From the HEART

Our values are the soul and foundation of our company.  They are the qualities from which we form our culture, define our character and build our brand.  These values should always guide how we behave and treat each other and our guests. We should all hold them in high esteem and strive to uphold them each and every day.

Honesty – I am honest

Honesty, integrity and fairness guide how I behave and make decisions. This moral code breeds trust and respect, which are the cornerstones of communication and teamwork.

Excellence – I strive for excellence

My goal is to serve our guests with “excellence”. I strive to better myself and consistently deliver the best service experience to our guests every single day. Obtaining excellence is my path to perfection.

Art – I live and learn artistically

I value the beauty of art and its power to create an emotional connection. A universal form of communication, art also breaks down borders, bridges cultures and unites people. As such, I bring art into all aspects of service and aim to engage guests in something meaningful daily. I help create lasting and profound beauty in everything that I do.

Responsibility – I am responsible

Being responsible is how I achieve success. I am fully accountable for my actions and attitude, which affect guests, colleagues and the quality of my work.

Thainess – I am proud to be Thai

I respect my heritage and honour the distinguished beauty of Thailand’s traditions, especially our unique spirit of service.  I am always respectful, graceful, helpful and sincere; I serve from the heart.


Traditional Thai Massage Class

60 minutes is all it takes to learn the secrets of the trade... It’s easy and fun to study simple Thai massage techniques with our experienced teachers.

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